Hi there! I’m Jenn.

Welcome to My Organized Tribe. I’m a wife to my amazing husband and a mom to 3 beautiful kids. My tribe keeps me busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My day consists of cleaning, shuttling kids back and forth, cooking, housework, entertaining kids, cleaning, organizing, playing outside, bedtime tuck ins and oh…did I mention cleaning?? I absolutely love being a SAHM and wouldn’t trade it for the world but some days can get rough and we get through it.

I started on YouTube back in 2010 when I was trying to conceive my first child. I used it as a way to share my journey and connect with others going through the same things. My passion only grew from there. I loved sharing my experiences to help other moms and made so many friends from it! When I finally became pregnant I shared weekly pregnancy updates and everything related to baby. Back then YouTube wasn’t NEAR what it is today. Things have changed so much which means you have to step up your game as well! Since then, I have had 2 more children that I have also shared everything along the way with them. For a few years I have wanted to work on making my channel what I’d like it to be and also have a website to offer my viewers. My youngest is now 3 and I feel like I am starting to find myself again and we are transitioning into the next stage of our lives. Which is really exciting and I feel like I can put more brain power into what I love.

This is how My Organized Tribe came about! I thought long and hard about rebranding my channel name and establishing a website. I finally took the plunge and I am super excited to be sharing it with you! I am a Type A kind of person and thrive on organization. I will be sharing how I make my family run on organization and love. I love working on projects and crafting. My husband says I always take on too much because I end up stressing myself out to get them done by the deadline but I just love doing it! Once I get something set in my mind I have to do it NOW!

What you will see from me: Organizing (of course), cleaning, housework, kids, motherhood, lifestyle, DIYs, home decor, hauls, gift ideas and much more!

Want to know more?? Just ask!