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Zone Deep Cleaning Routine | free printable

With the new year brings the need to get back into my deep cleaning routine! Deep cleaning is one of those things most of us dread because we don’t know where to start and the tasks seem so daunting. Which it can be a lot to get done and it’s hard to get all the things done in a day or two.

What helps me is having everything broken down into ZONES. I created this particular zone deep cleaning routine while we were building our house because I knew I wanted to make sure to keep my new home clean and new looking! Once we got moved in and everything organized, settled and started living I started to implement this zone deep cleaning routine. It actually works to keep everything nice!

Some tasks might take longer than others, some tasks are more daunting than others… But if you know you’re just having to get one or two things done on that day it’s not as hard to gather the motivation to knock it out! Another plus, you’re not spending and wasting entire days or weekends doing these things.

I typed up my zone deep cleaning back when I created it but it was basic. I revamped it and created a cute printable for myself and to share with you! I highly encourage you to print out the Zone Deep Cleaning lists and clean along with me! Down below you will be able to download the printables.

Over on my youtube channel I am doing a weekly video series of my deep cleaning zones! This is to show you what all I do and how I do it and hope to give you even more motivation watching me knock these things out! DO IT WITH ME!!


My deep cleaning tasks are only done Monday – Friday. I don’t schedule anything for the weekends. Weekends are meant for family and activities.

To give you an idea of everything I do with my deep cleaning, these things include: light fixtures, vents, doors, baseboards, wiping out cabinets/drawers, organizing closets/cabinets/drawers, purging areas, windows/blinds and inside appliances.

Here are my Zones:

Zone 1 – Kitchen

Zone 2 – Kitchen

Zone 3 – Master Bath, Half bath and Guest Bath

Zone 4 – Master Bedroom

Zone 5 – Living Room, Entry and Front Porch

Zone 6 – Kids Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Zone 7 – Spare Room, Desk and Paperwork

Zone 8 – Laundry Room and Mud Room

Zone 9 – Playroom

Each zone takes a week to complete. Once I finish zone 9 I will start over with zone 1. This helps keep everything under control and if you’re doing these things regularly it doesn’t take long to complete the task because it will not take as much elbow grease. If I have a busy week and can’t complete the zone, it’s okay! I just pick back up the next week. The important thing is that it’s getting done.

Here are some of my pantry/kitchen favorites if you want to take a look at what I use and love! I also want to share some of my favorite cleaning products.

I get a lot of my cleaning products from Grove. If you’d like to try their products out use this link to receive a free 5-piece cleaning set!

I recently shared my Weekly Cleaning Routine as well! Go check that out to see how I keep up with the regular daily/weekly cleaning tasks.


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