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My Weekly Cleaning Routine | free printable

I have been asked time and time again how I keep my home tidy and clean. Honestly, I feel like it’s always a wreck from having kids toys, blankets, socks and all the things always scattered but in other peoples eyes it really is clean…it’s just LIVED IN! We are a family of 5 including three young kiddos. The house will not always be or stay perfect. So when it is (on the rare occasion where I do a lot of cleaning after they’re in bed), I sit in silence and enjoy nothing on the floors and clean aromas.

I was always a clean the whole house in one day type of person and I loved the feeling of everything clean at one time. I mean, come on…I still do! But it doesn’t happen that way that much anymore and that’s ok. Over the years I tried to develop a cleaning routine that worked for me and my daily life routine. It took some trial and error but I finally came up with it! I have been doing this routine for a couple of years now and any routine you stick to for that long is a WINNER in my book. It really works for me.

I looked at my day to day life with my mom/wife responsibilities and came up with different cleaning tasks for each day. So while I may not have everything clean in my house on the same day, everything gets done weekly on different days and the house actually stays and looks clean!

Here is what my weekly cleaning routine looks like… Of course there are the daily tasks of making the bed (which is a HUGE thing to make your home look and feel clean), unload/load the dishwasher, tidy bathrooms, wipe down kitchen counters, table and stove, straighten up before bed, vacuum/sweep as needed and take trash out as needed.

Don’t forget to grab your Free Weekly Routine Printable at the end of this post!

I also have a video of My Weekly Cleaning Routine on my YouTube channel if you’d like to listen to me explain it more and watching me clean some of these areas to give you motivation!

MONDAY – My main focus is laundry! I wash all the clothes on this day. I am better about completing the laundry process doing it all in one day if I ever want them folded and put away. As each load is dry I fold right away and continue with the process keeping the washer/dryer going until I’m finished. All of the clothes will also be put away on this day. Monday I also make my grocery list and menu if I haven’t made that yet.

TUESDAY – First thing Tuesday I start washing sheets. I wash ours and kids sheets and get them back on the beds. I do my grocery shopping (pick up, best thing ever) and get all of it put away right when I get home. During that time while I am putting the groceries away I will clean out the fridge and pantry. This is the day I also dust the entire house and clean the glass and mirrors.

WEDNESDAY – Wednesday is all about the bathrooms. I clean the counters, sinks, shower, tub and toilet. The mirrors were cleaned the day before. On this day I wash a load of towels which is my colored towels the kids use in their bathrooms and my microfiber cleaning cloths.

THURSDAY – This is my most dreaded day because it takes the longest but it’s the most satisfying…floors. On this day all the floors in the entire house are swept or vacuumed then mopped. Before I mop I typically clean my appliance fronts as well because that will sometimes get on the floor while spraying. Once I am finished mopping I throw my mop head into the washing machine and wash all of the white towels which are mine and my husbands bath towels, cleaning rags and kitchen towels/rags. I love to bleach all the white towels.

FRIDAY – I don’t have a specific cleaning task for Friday. It is my catch up day if I was busy another day during the week and didn’t have a chance to complete the cleaning for that day. I also use this day to work on a specific task that might need done like organizing a closet or certain area or decluttering something that has been bothering me. I also like to wash our living room blankets if they need it on Fridays.

WEEKEND – All of my house cleaning is done during the week so we can enjoy the weekend as a family doing things together. We have a lot of kids activities, get togethers and other things going on that I don’t want to think about have to waste my weekend cleaning. What I try to do on the weekends though is clean out my vehicle (ya know, kids), straighten up/sweep garage (again, kids), clean out my purse and reset/plan for the upcoming week.

That’s it! Spending just a little time each day (besides Thursday taking a little longer) I keep an overall clean and tidy house and I am not spending hours upon hours doing it. Cleaning all these areas every week makes things not build up which would require more elbow grease.

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For my deeper cleaning I do a little each day like this routine too. I have my Zone Deep Cleaning Routine that I will be sharing with you soon! So keep an eye out for that.

I created a printable for myself and to share with you of my weekly cleaning routine. Click the link below to download your own! There are 2 included…one is a list breakdown you can use to fill in your to-do lists or planner and the second is a checklist style you can use each week to get it all accomplished!

I hope this helps you create a good weekly cleaning routine that works to keep your home clean doing a little bit each day!

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