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How to: Make a School Memory Box {free printable}

In preparation for school starting back up I needed to make the boys’ school memory boxes.  I made my daughters a few years ago and I have loved being able to drop those important “have to keep” type of papers in and know they will be safe and sound.  It has also been a lot of fun filling out her yearly questionnaire along with seeing her name writing improve.

Kids bring home A LOT of school work. Parents are often left with the dilemma of what to do with all the papers and artwork?? I know it’s hard to just toss most papers but we don’t have the space to keep every single writing sheet, coloring, math worksheet etc. Keep those that are special to you and your child that you will enjoy looking back on later. I enjoy keeping special Holiday artwork, writings they do at a young age that are too cute not to look back on and report cards.  I also include a cover sheet for each grade that has a space for their school picture, school/teacher info, some questions and a space for the child to write their name.

A few years ago I designed my own tab labels for each grade along with yearly questionnaires. I thought this was the perfect time to share how I make my kids school memory boxes with you and give you the FREE PRINTABLES I designed for the box!

Supplies needed to make a school memory box:

Steps to assemble your box

Step 1:

Download {click DOWNLOAD below} and print your school memory box tab labels and yearly questionnaire sheets. I prefer to go ahead and print enough yearly sheets for each year. For best results, print on white cardstock paper.


Step 2:

Cut out each tab label and start putting your plastic tabs with the labels in the folders.

Step 3:

You may go ahead and glue on the yearly sheets to the front of the folders or you can keep them stashed in a folder towards the back and grab them out when it’s time to fill them out each year then glue them onto the folder using a glue stick.

Step 4:

Insert all of your file folders with labels into your container.

Step 5 (Optional):

Label the front of the box with the child’s name using a vinyl decal sticker, stickers, chalk board sticker label or make a piece of paper with the name and put it in the front of the box.

Step 6:

Stuff the box with all the fun school memorabilia. Sit back and enjoy your work and organization your children will thank you for one day!

Here is a video tutorial of me making the school memory box!


I hope you have fun making your own kids school memory box!




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